(TIML) Lil Wayne is not a purveyor or supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. To be honest, critics shouldn’t be mad at it; people can invest their energies in any way that they deem. However, it’s his explanations behind his beliefs that are somewhat head-scratching.

He’s stated that he does not believe that racism exists because he claims to have personally never experienced it. Once again, that is his opinion and while it can be wholly (and historically, scientifically, societally, culturally, and just generally) proved otherwise it is once again his opinion and his alone.
So, once again he reiterates his stance in his interview with ABC’s late-night news program Nightline. Not only does Wayne not feel connected to BLM, he feels that it doesn’t have anything to do with him. See, Wayne believes that because he is both rich and Black the many things that affect the, let’s say, 95.9% of Blacks that live in America that aren’t rich don’t exist to him. Which, once again, is fine because Wayne clearly isn’t a spokesperson for those 95.9%. However, the problem with this rather dangerous train of thought is that his words are akin to saying that racism is dead because America elected a Black president.