This Weeks Rundown on TIML

wpid-wp-1428416494101.jpeg(TIML) Hey whats up Folks. Its your boy Big inf putting you guys up on the Latest Gossip In this Fickle Music Industry. The fuckery doesn’t seem to let up. So Comedian Katt Williams & Kevin Heart Are going at each other over an alleged Subliminal diss Williams aimed at Kevin.While Katt is on his Conspiracy Theory Tour he relentlessly took shots at Heart calling him a Hollywood “puppet” saying heart did sexual favors for his rise to success.Kevin Heart replies back in an Instagram comment with Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock on the night of the oscars. All the money these guys can be making together and they are beefing with one another. More on this story as it develops.

In other news Rapper Ice Cube is taking things a bit further with his acting career. Sources close to Cube state that he is about to open up his own Film studio.It’s still hard to believe the phenomenal film, ‘Straight Outta Compton’ was ignored at this year’s Academy Awards. Ice Cube has expressed that he isn’t surprised nor does he ever plan to kiss a** or “play the game”. Ice Cube does plan to take action though as he wants to open up his own move studio in Hollywood. Ice Cube is ready to green light movies now! Hollywood has rules and procedures for opening up movie studios, so he may face a few speed bumps, and he may have to fight with his money to get into the business completely. However, we believe Cube will make it happen very soon! More on this story as it develops.

So Atlanta Rapper Future hints at someone might be stealing his style of music.Hmmm so Without a doubt, Future is one of the big homies of the present era. But there is already somebody trying to steal is spot! Desiigner – he’s talking about you, buddy! Desiigner is a kid from Brooklyn, but he sounds like he is Future’s brother With his Song Tittled “Panda” thats making its ways on to the radio. There is even a video out with Future saying this…#future “there’s only 1 Future around this mutha f*cka”More on this story as it develops.

Rumors are circulating fast about Samsung, Spotify & Google are looking to buy Jay z’s Tidal. Rumor has it that companies such as Samsung, Google, and Spotify are looking to buy out Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal. The NY Post, reports that Samsung has been in talks to acquire the streaming service for a while. Samsung and Jay reportedly have a longstanding business relationship, and the company has been heavily involved in some of Jay Z and other Tidal owners’ musical releases. Sources say Spotify and Google are interested in minority ownership opportunities in the company. Tidal has exclusively released Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ and Rihanna’s highly anticipated ‘Anti’ albums, and the company has been said to have reached millions of subscribers. Do you think Tidal can withstand the test of time in regards to how music is consumed? More on this story as it develops.