Kanye Debuts his Yezzy clothing line & Gets Backlash from fellow Rappers

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Hey whats up. Its your boy Big inf putting you guys up on whats popping. On a side note my new single party in the Bx is on itunes Right now, Go download it Shameless Plug. Anyhow Mr.West debuted his critically acclaimed Clothing line called Yezzy through adidas on September 16th at New York Fashion Week. I personally am digging it but others are not so happy about it.

it Appears that Kanye West new clothing line called Yezzy has ruffled some feathers of people in the industry like Rapper turned actor Ice T who took to twitter to vent about Kanye West clothing line calling it “Slave Clothes”

Sound off below in the comment section. Do you guys agree with Ice T or are you guys digging the new Yezzy line.