Sony Pictures Gets Hacked Fingers point at Chinas Involvement Linked to Comedy aimed at North Korea


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Comedy duo Seth Rogan and James Franco have a movie coming out called “The Interview”. The movie is about Rogan and Fraco who play tabloid TV journalist which they will interview the North Korean Dictator Kin jong-un but, the plot thickens when the duo are recruited by the CIA to assassinate The North Korean dictator.

An Unknown hacker who sources say is from North Korea hacked into Sony Pictures Entertainment Computer Network and has compromised their security by having access to its latest release like “Fury” “Mr.Turner” “Annie” “Still Alice” etc amongst others for illegal file sharing sites. The studio plans on releasing “The Interview” on Dec 25. From the way things are moving on the internet, they might wanna push up the release date to attempt save some Holiday sales.

So what do you guys think? Will you be going out on Xmas day to watch “The Interview” to see what all the big fuss is about or nah?

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