Dr. Huxstable and Mr. Hyde Bill Cosby Can’t Seem To Catch A Break These Days


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It appears that our Beloved Bill Cosby (Mr. Jello Pudding) can’t seem to catch a break these days? With a growing list of allegations of sexual misconduct coming out the wood works from various woman who claim Mr. Cosby forced himself on them back in the day.

One has to ask why now?.  after all these years have passed spanning a little over 3 decades what made these woman come fourth?

The latest to add to the list of allegation are the following:

Bodybuilder/actor Lou Ferrigno’s Wife Carla Ferrigno who came forward to say that back in 1967 Bill Cosby forced a kiss on her.

Therese Serignese, 57 a registered nurse from Boca Raton, Florida claims she had  a meeting years ago with Bill Cosby and she claimed he drugged her and raped her.

Louisa Mortiz, 68 an actress who played Rose in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” tells TMZ Cosby stuck his penis in her mouth in her dressing room before an appearance on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show in 1971.

All these allegations are hurting the Cosby  brand. Sponsors are backing out of their deals they have made and Hollywood has clearly given up on him.

The entertainment industry has given up on the 77 year old comedian obviously siding with the court of public opinion and a growing list of sexual misconduct accusations against him.

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