Kim Kardashian Breaking The Internet With Semi Nude Photo Shoot By Photographer Jean-Paul Goude


With over 25 million followers on Twitter, about a million less than Oprah Winfrey and nearly 5 million more than CNN Breaking News account on Twitter. Kim Kardashian Instagram account is ranked number 3 on that website which holds millions upon millions of subscribers. I think its safe to say that Kim .K  is easily one of the most influential women in social media.


If there was ever a person who could break an internet search engine Kim Kardashian would that person. Her uncannied ability to draw attention to herself is virtually unmatched.

In the latest addition of Kim Kardashian body looks like fine art. Utterly flaws photo’s of the 34 year old shows no signs of ageing and gives new meaning to the hash tag #NoFilter.  Take a gander at some of the photos from the winter edition of Taken by photographer Jean-Paul Goude.






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