The Wu-Tang Clan signs a global Record Deal with Warner Bros.

Hey whats up world its your boy Dj Big Inf here reporting live from The Bronx giving you guys some insight to whats happening in the Music Industry. Major news broke in the music industry about the Wu-Tang Clan signing  a major deal with Warner Bros.

The Legendary Wu-Tang Clan who consist of Rza, Gza, Method Man, Reakwon, Ghostface Killa and Cappadonna, have all officially signed a global recording contract with Warner Bros Records. This is major for hip hop. Their first release will be the upcoming album ‘A Better Tomorrow’, which has a release date of December 2nd.

Now urbanites what do you guys think about The Wu-Tang Clan signing their new Deal. Do you think the new album will be worth the wait. Sound off below in the comment section.