J. Cole Releases New Song ‘Be Free’, Inspired By Violence Inflicted By Police

 Public Images J Cole

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in denial about the increased police brutality and killings being plastered over news, you are well aware of the senseless murder of 18-year-old, college bound Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Mike Brown has been added to the list of young black men, whose murders have been nationally televised and to brought the attention of the American public.

Folks in Ferguson, MO have taken to the streets in protest of the Brown’s murder by a local police officer. Brown was unarmed at the time of death.

These protests have also inspired rapper, J. Cole, to pen and release his latest track, “Be Free”.

The song has an infectious and thought-provoking hook where Cole simply repeats, “all we wanna do is take the chains off.”

Check out the full  track below:

It seems like the genocide against young black men is getting more attention than years past. Hopefully incidents like the ones involving Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Oscar Grant and countless others will result in better police relationships with the black community as well as an end to stereotyping young black men as a problem needing to be dealt with instead of law-abiding citizens.

Just think about the kind of place America would be if ‘innocent until proven guilty’, didn’t have a race requirement?

Urbanites, what is your take of the Michael Brown murder? What do you think about J. Cole’s latest track? Do you think relations between the police and the black community can get better or are things just bound to get worse? Sound off in the comments section below.