Russell Simmons Producing TV Pilot, Rap Opera and Investing Millions in Movies

Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons Photo Credit: David Shankbone/Wikimedia

It looks like Russell Simmons aka the Godfather of hip hop music is back .

This time, he’s playing his hand at producing  television pilots. The legendary mogul is  also pouring millions, of his own money, into producing movies.

Simmons, a self-made millionaire is also working on putting together, what would be the first of its kind, a hip hop opera. Sorry y’all Carmen: A Hip-hopera doesn’t count.

The opera has some surprising composers. The rap opera titled Cain and Abel is written by Omar Epps and former Rap Group member Sticky Fingaz of the Rap group Onyx. Simmons calls this is “passion project.”

Russell Simmons is truly an overachiever but he’s simply doing what any other self-appointed rap Pesaro would be doing, improving and pushing the ever-changing culture of hip hop forward.

For more on the Russell Simmons latest projects, head over to Billboard.

Urbanites, is Russell Simmons making the right choice by using his influence for the greater good of hip hop or should he just fall back with all his millions?  Sound off below in the comments section below.