[Saturday Shade] Wendy Williams Calls Out Jay Z ‘Straighten Up Or We’ll Hate You’

Wendy Williams seems to have not learned her lesson. This week, Wendy Williams, called out Jay Z on her show.

The self-proclaimed, Queen of Radio, commented on Beyoncé and Jay Z’s alleged relationship issues in response to all the not so nice press they have been getting lately during her hot topics segment of her show.

Rumors have been flying since Solange’s epic elevator attack on Jay Z after this year’s Met Ball, that resulted in a series of memes as well as speculation about whether or not Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage was in trouble.

Wendy had more than a few things to say about the couple who she dubbed “hip hop’s Camelot.”

During hot topics, Wendy discussed the Jay Z and Beyoncé infidelity rumors that have been splashed across many tabloid pages.

While some gossip mags label Jay Z as the cheater, others say Beyoncé is the unfaithful one in the relationship.

Wendy made it clear that she as well as “everyone” will hate Jay Z if her lets Beyoncé slips through his fingers. She suggests he “straightens up” before he forces her to divorce him.

She always threw some below the radar shade insinuating their marriage is nothing but a carefully crafted business arrangement beneficial to both their images.

She even took an audience poll via applause asking whether or not Jay Z’s career would take a hit if the couple divorced. A handful of audience members agreed and she called one of them a “Beyoncé hater” and jokingly accused the young woman of  wanting “to be the next chick.”

Check out the hot topic segment below (skip to 6:35 for the full shade):

Wendy loves to leave herself open to get dragged on social media in response to what she says during her hot topic segments. Remember the twitter shade thrown by Evelyn Lozada about Wendy’s husband buying other women shoes at her store Dulce? (Word of advice: Never refer to anyone’s newborn as a ‘cash register’ publically.)

After that I would think Wendy would refrain from commenting on anyone’s marriage. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Urbanites, is Wendy qualified to comment about anyone else’s marriage in light of rumors about her own? Do you think Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage is on the rock or is it just another rumor ? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.