[Saturday Shade] Hollywood Exes Jessica Canseco “Black and White Girls Just Don’t Mix”

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Yeah, you read that right.

Hollywood Exes star Jessica Canseco, ex wife former MLB player Jose Canseco, expressed her love of black men but her dislike of black girls on this week’s episode.

This all started with a series of text messages sent to fellow cast member, Shana Moakler (new to the group and the only other white castmate), about the other (black and mixed) castmates.

After a falling out between the two, Moakler decided to let the other women know how Jessica really felt about them, showing them the text messages in question.

That’s when the earrings came off.

The women, in an attempt to be civil, gave Jessica a chance to explain herself.

*cue the crocodile tears*

When confronted with the evidence, Jessica reverted to playing the victim. Her reasoning behind what she said revolved around the fact that “black girls” are mean and disapproving of  her and her black boyfriend in canoodling in public.

Jessica then revealed to the ladies that she would be a black girl if he could since she does feel like “this is who she really is on the inside.”

After being called out for acting like a victim, she got angry and stormed out with “black and white don’t mix, there I said it” as her parting words to the group.

Now, it is quite unfortunate that her experiences with black women while in the presence of her boyfriend, have been all but pleasant. BUT, it doesn’t excuse to pass such remarks then play victim when confronted, ESPECIALLY when you have a slew of black girlfriends.

I have one question for Jessica. If black and white girls don’t mix, why do you spend so much time with them?

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