Rapper T.I. & Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fight In Vegas Over Instagram Post

Photo Credit: News One

What happened in vegas over the weekend, didn’t stay in Vegas. Rapper T.I. challenged pretty boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. to a fist fight inside of a Las Vegas Fat Burgers over an instagram photo. Pretty sure, this was what Huey Freeman would qualify as a ‘n*gga moment.’

T.I., the family guy, brought in this past Memorial Day weekend with fireworks. In a  jealous rage, the reality t.v. star/rapper stormed into a Fat Burgers Restaurant in Las Vegas and took a swing at the undefeated prize-fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Fortunately for the rapper, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (whose fist are deadly weapons) did not return the favor. Neither man was hurt during the altercation but police one witness suffered minor injuries.

The fight was reportedly sparked over and Instagram photo posted by T.I.’s wife Temeka (Tiny) Cottle of herself with Mayweather’s daughter, with the caption, “had to come celebrate with my new boo @moneyyaya Happy Birthday bae.” For those not familiar with the acronym ‘bae,’ it stands for ‘before anyone else.’ 

Check out the photo below:

During the heated dispute it was reported by TMZ, that Mayweather was heard shouting: “Control your B@#th!” to T. I.

Watch the footage from the altercation below:


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Urbanites, how much of a role does social networks ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc…) play in your relationships? Did T.I over react over Tiny’s ‘bae’ comment? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.