[Saturday Shade] Sextapes, Shower Rods & Public Shaming: The Mimi Faust Story


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are quite aware of the latest ‘celebrity’ sextape scandal sweeping the internet. 

Mimi Faust and the Stevie J clone she calls a boyfriend, Nikko Smith, set the internet on fire when their sextape announcement was made by TMZ.

Mimi Faust became known to us as the entrepreneur that got stuck with Stevie J aka ‘El Sleazo” as her longtime boyfriend and co-parent of their daughter Eva on the drama filled reality saga ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.’

The news of the sex tape came the day after the release of the VH1 super trailer for the 3rd season of the reality series. In the trailer, we see things go from good to bad and from bad to Jesus that the wheel. Check out the trailer below:

From the looks of the trailer, Mimi comes off as a horny school girl who is hype to be getting some ‘good good’ and forgets about the consequences of having sex on camera, being on television, and having a recognizable name and image. She’s been obviously hypnotized by Nikko Smith and his sex sorcerer ways and is amused by the thought of a making a sextape in 2014 at the age of 45, with a man you’re not married to nor is the father of her preschool aged child.

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Mimi, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PRIVACY IN AMERICA WHEN YOU ARE A PUBLIC FIGURE. If people can google you and find the salacious details of your life at their fingertips, you have no business making a sextape.  At 45, you should have had more sense to not have sex on camera, with a man who makes Stevie J look like the good guy. Plus you got upstaged by a shower rod and caused a run on the hardware.

Black Twitter had more than a few things to say about Ms. Mimi. Check these posts from some concerned members:


Mimi seems to be unphased. She posted the following on Instagram the day after the announcement:

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Black Twitter weren’tb the only one with something to say. Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, Kandi Burrus-Tucker, posted the following tongue in cheek posts about her plans on a reenactment on Instagram:

*side eye* *pulls out chair*

Urbanites, is Mimi too old to be putting out sex tapes at 45 or is she just getting her checks by any means necessary? Are sextapes an inappropriate trend? Let’s talk about it in the comments section below.