[Saturday Shade] ‘We Do Pop Ups Too’ BBWLA Draya Michele & Boyfriend Orlando Pops Up on Jackie and Chantel Christie

Sometimes you just have to give people a taste of their own medicine.

In the last episode of BBWLA, Draya Michele gave Jackie and Chantel Christie a taste of their own medicine. Jackie Christie is notorious for stirring the pot and handing some else the spoon to lick but this week she was the one caught off guard.

Through some superior social media detective skills, Draya obtained the location of the restaurant, Jackie and Chantel were having lunch. Draya and Orlando then got dressed, making sure their edges and hair lines where Friday night ready and proceeded to surprise/ambush Jackie and her spawn. They were not pleased.

Chantel Christie looked like she saw a ghost and Jackie finally felt that ‘WTF?’ feeling. When confronted by the prince charming in her shady little fairytale, Chantel came out the corner she was backed into like she was trained by Sharkeshia. She proceeded to take off her earrings in response to questions she couldn’t answer in front of her mama. Her prep school street cred was at stake.

Jackie sensing her cub in danger of being embarrassed on camera, jumped in and came to her aid and proceeded to sling insults to deflect from the matters at hand. She made a proclamation of being crowned Los Angeles’ sovereign. Poor Orlando couldn’t keep with her crazy. After realizing they were getting no where, Draya and Orlando decided to leave. They had achieved the reaction they wanted. They lit the paper bag on Jackie’s front porch and Jackie had to clean it up.

Here’s the thing, I think it’s high time everyone stopped picking on Draya. You’ve had two seasons to get it out of your system. Now it’s time to move on. Let her live and haze someone else. If I may offer a suggestion, Black Twitter seems to like to drag about Brittish on Monday night. Look into that. Or better yet, someone check Jackie and give her a Sundy Special.

Jackie is no one’s friend. She will kick you under the bus for fun then help you dress your wounds. She’s what Dr. Phil calls a BAITER. Her daughter Chantel is learning this same behavior from her mother. Remember that sit down she had with Laura Govan about Mommy Dearest? SHADE!

All I would like to know is how the shade Draya dished out tasted to Jackie and Chantel. Old sayings continue to ring truth. What goes around comes around.