Everybody Loves Kimye? Seth Rogen and James Franco Mock Kimye Vogue Cover


Kim & Kanye…inciting humorous viral moments wherever they go folks…

The Hollywood Gossip reports:

As Seth Rogen said in a caption to the following photo, this simply “had to be done.”

A day after the Kim Kardashian Vogue cover hit the Internet, Rogen Tweeted a Photoshopped image of himself and James Franco once again spoofing the reality star and Kanye West.

The actors, of course, also parodied Kim and Kanye’s Bound 2 music video back in November.

In that instance, Kim reacted to the mocking well, writing that Rogen and Franco “nailed it” and saying they’re version was “sooo funny.”

But will she be as amused this time around, considering an appearance in Vogue marks a dream come true for Kim?

We’ll see. Neither Kardashian nor West have yet commented on this edited version of their cover.

Allow us to go ahead and do so, however: HA!!!

It seems that Seth and Frank have a knack for poking fun at Kimye. And who can blame them when these two have quickly become the subject of daily news fodder. The couple America both loves and loves to hate is at the center of this week’s news headlines with their newly revealed Vogue Cover. What do you think of Seth and James’ spoof Urbanites? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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