Singles Awareness Day: The Alternative to Valentine’s Day for People Who are Single and Loving It!


“Single is not a status. It is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.” You should always be the most important person in your life. So this Valentine’s Day rekindle your love for yourself. Grab life by its horns and get on an adventure which will last forever. Everybody loves us.

1) Be Proud. You don’t have to let the ‘love in the air’ choke you this Valentine’s Day. Your happiness depends on YOU. You don’t have to worry about sending gifts or planning any special date. You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas. Chill out at home. Lie down on your couch and watch your favorite TV series (I would say watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

Watching TV

2) Treat Yourself. You know what they say. Love yourself first. Therefore go out and order your favorite food and eat as much as you want. Even if you gain weight a little that’s okay. No one is going to judge you. Indulge in any activity that makes you happy.

3) Take a deep breath and realize the fact that you are “FREE”. No one to answer to Why, When, How, What. No responsibilities. Look up at the sky and watch those birds. Yes you are like one of those creatures who can go wherever they want.

4) Gift yourself a dress or anything you like. You have saved that money and therefore it shall be spent on whatever you love and not on someone else.

5) Go workout. Cardio vascular activities release a happy hormone called ‘endorphins.’ Feel great about yourself.

6) Flirt. Yes you can flirt. There is no one to restrict you and you don’t even have to feel guilty about it. As they say “There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

7) Go out for a Movie. You can watch anything and there is going to be no disturbance while you are watching it. No sharing of food and Popcorn. What more can one want?

8) You don’t have to have balance on your phone. Just enough to give a missed call to your parents. You can be broke and all cool.

9) Dance. Play any cool music and shake your bon bon.

10) Just go Zen. Realize that you have no complications in life. No arguments. No fights. Go out partying with all your single friends and have a few drinks.

Curated via Cool Age