Moscato Music Monday(LaborDaymix)

Moscato Music Monday(LaborDaymix) by @Djbiginf on Mixcloud


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John Stewart of the Daily Show VS bias Fox 5 Coverage of ongoing Civil unrest in Ferguson Missouri

Image courtesy of MC HAMMER (MCHammer) on Twitter

Comedian John Stewart has been on vacation but, comes back to the Daily Show with a vengeance! John Stewart best known for his savvy comedic satire has focus is talents with laser sharp precision on the bias coverage of the ongoing Protest and Civil unrest happening in Ferguson, Missouri.

Since the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager Mike Brown at the hands of a white police officer Fox 5 News coverage has been one-sided at best well, hear what John Stewart has to say about it. Continue reading

[Moscato Music Monday] The Purge Part 5 (New Music Mixed By DJ Big Inf)

dj inf

The Purge Part 5 (New Music Mixed By DJ Big Inf)

Moscato Music Monday (Thepurge5) by @Djbiginf on Mixcloud

J. Cole Releases New Song ‘Be Free’, Inspired By Violence Inflicted By Police

 Public Images J Cole

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in denial about the increased police brutality and killings being plastered over news, you are well aware of the senseless murder of 18-year-old, college bound Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Mike Brown has been added to the list of young black men, whose murders have been nationally televised and to brought the attention of the American public.

Folks in Ferguson, MO have taken to the streets in protest of the Brown’s murder by a local police officer. Brown was unarmed at the time of death.

These protests have also inspired rapper, J. Cole, to pen and release his latest track, “Be Free”.

The song has an infectious and thought-provoking hook where Cole simply repeats, “all we wanna do is take the chains off.” Continue reading

Powerful Images of Civil Unrest in the township of Ferguson

Public Images of Civil Unrest, Ferguson

Mike Brown killing in Ferguson is a story that is hard to accept as true. The civil unrest and tumult has developed some powerful images of protest in Missouri. Here is video footage shot by a night vision camera of what’s been going on in that Midwestern town. Continue reading

Dj Khalid is back with a brand new single off his highly anticipated Album “I Change a Lot”

DJ khaled

Screen Shot by Rachel Sonis

Once again its your Boy DJ Big Inf  the official voice of the Bronx  here to inform  you that Dj Khalid is back! With a brand new single off his highly anticipated Album “I Changed A Lot”. Continue reading

Moscato Music Monday(Thepurge4.5)

Moscato Music Monday(Thepurge4.5) by @Djbiginf on Mixcloud

The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola virus outbreak a public health crisis

Ebola Outbreak

Margot Chan Director of WHO says the health systems of West Africa needs international assistants in order to manage and combat this deadly and infectious virus.  Continue reading